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Review: Hide-and-Seek History – The Egyptians

Review: Hide-and-Seek History – The Egyptians

Having studied Egyptology, when I saw this book I knew that I had to get a look at it!

Hide-and-Seek History: The Egyptians is an absolutely beautiful book for young children that looks at the Ancient Egyptian civilisation and what archaeology is and what it involves. Every page contains a series of flaps blended seamlessly into the rich and vivid illustrations, which can be pulled to reveal more information about different aspects of culture and history. Something I think is particularly engaging about how the book has been constructed is that sometimes there are further flaps to reveal beneath the initial one, making the discovery of more details like the process of archaeological excavation and uncovering different layers of history.

The illustrations in the book are wonderfully bright and full of warm colour palettes that make the world within cheery and welcoming. My favourite is the section about the Gods, which is a lovely amber and purple twilight spread with flaps that children can pull to reveal information about many of the Gods, the range that has been selected one that includes the more common ones that students might learn about in early schooling, and some of the less so, offering up broader information and adding further opportunities for learning and discovering.

I particularly appreciated that the language chosen to convey some thoughts and ideas about Egypt makes it clear that there is not always one interpretation of what we have discovered, and so encourages children to enquire further. The written details are clear and do not use overly simple vocabulary, affording chances for readers to expand their understanding of subject specific terms and how words can be used in different contexts. The writing also makes sure to include women, men, and both historical and modern scholars in its references, and strikes a balance in its illustrations and areas of culture covered to make sure it doesn’t solely look at spheres of life for one particular gender.

The Egyptians will be on shelves on October 1st 2020 and would make a wonderful birthday or Christmas present for a child with an interest in history and ancient civilisations! Thank you, Little Tiger Books, for sending me a copy for review!